Plumbing DIY: Successful Drain Cleaning at Home

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January 5, 2015 by misterplumber

Blocked plumbing can bring your house to a standstill almost immediately. Efficient and successful drain cleaning depends on the pipes that are blocked and the type of clog you are experiencing. Some issues are simple enough for the novice homeowner to resolve, and other issues will require the assistance of a professional Toronto plumber.

The standard plunger may be the only tool you need to perform drain cleaning of a clog. A plunger creates suction, which can break loose a blockage and allow water to flow through pipes once again. Ensure that you use the correct plunger: a cup plunger is the type of plunger to use in a sink, shower, or bathtub, while a flange plunger is the type of plunger to use to unclog a toilet. Never use a plunger in conjunction with chemical solutions, because it’s likely you will splash water and chemicals out of the drain as you use the plunger, which can lead to injury.

Another option for drain cleaning involves pouring a homemade solution down the drain to break through the obstruction. A homemade solution of saltwater brine can be extremely effective for breaking through grease in a kitchen sink. Saltwater brine can also help eliminate odors in a sink. Baking soda and white vinegar can also break up an obstruction, thanks to the chemical reaction of the two ingredients. As the mixture fizzes and bubbles, the reaction often breaks up a sink clog. Baking soda and white vinegar can also reduce sink odors, and this solution will not harm plumbing fixtures.

Store-bought drain cleaning solutions contain strong chemicals that can power through pipes to clear them of a blockage. It’s important to use these solutions carefully, however. If the solution comes in contact with skin or eyes, serious injury can occur. In addition, with repeated use, chemical drain cleaning solutions can damage plumbing systems over time.

For stubborn blockages, you can rent or purchase a plumbing snake to push through the drain and the pipes. Snakes come in a variety of lengths, depending on the specific configuration. Simply insert the end of the snake and maneuver it through the plumbing to break up the clog. After loosening the clog with the snake, flush out the pipe with a strong blast of water to remove all residual debris from the pipe.

If these methods do not eliminate an obstruction, call a professional Toronto plumber to resolve the issue for you. Although plumbers can be expensive, it’s likely that the professional will resolve your plumbing issues faster and more readily than you can on your own. The money you spend hiring a professional will be time you save when you have full use of your water and plumbing systems once again.

Whether you have a slow-moving system or your water is at a standstill, you can use a variety of solutions to clear your plumbing system so the water runs smoothly once again.

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